How to do intraday trading through grow app in 2022

Today we will learn in detail about intraday trading, how intraday trading is done through groww app. When the share is bought and when it is sold. After reading this article, you will fully understand intraday trading.

This is a great way to earn good money in less time from share market. Those who cannot wait for long so those people generate good income by doing intraday trading. If you also want to trade through grow app then first of all you should know these basic things.

First of all you need to know what is intraday trading. Before trading, you have to pay attention to very small things, then you can become a good trader. Today I will clear all the doubts related to your trading.

What is intraday trading

Intraday trading
Intraday trading dashboard

When we buy a share in 1 day and sell it on the same day, then this process is called intraday trading.

If you are thinking that Can I sell stocks on the same day on the Groww app. So yes you can absolutely do this, this process is known by the name of intraday trading. We are going to understand that how it is done in groww app.

What happens in intraday trading is that when the price of a share is low, traders buy that share. And as soon as the price of that share becomes high, then traders sell that share, then in this way they get profit.

Apart from this, if the share price is not increasing then the trader earns profit even in that situation. How that when the price of the share is high, the trader feels that the price of this share is going to fall from there. So the traders sell that stock there. And as soon as the price of that share falls. So he buys that share and in this way also makes profit.

Now you will think that when the trader had the share, then how did the trader sell the share. So if you are trading by grow app or any other app also. So each AAP has its own brokerage. Who sells the shares on your behalf from your side.

And as soon as you buy the share it goes to that group race. So this process is called short selling in the stock market. Which gives you very good profit even in the falling share market.

What is the process of intraday trading on grow app:

Now you must have understood well about intraday trading. Now we will learn about its process, how to buy and sell a share in intraday trading.

First of all, you have to select such a share. In which you are completely confident that today its price will go up. Or its price will go down then after that you trade in that stock. For this you have to keep reading stock market news. Only then you can find out whether the price of this stock is going to go up or down today.

And when you have selected such a share, after that you have to click on it. Then you will see the option of left at the bottom, click on it, after that such an interface will open in front of you.

After that where delivery is written on the top of the type. You have to click on it, after clicking there, it will be written as intraday. After that, you can buy by putting as much quantity as you want to buy.

Important point: If you look at the bottom right side you will get (5.00x) written. This means that you get a discount of 5 times on buying a single share in intraday trading. As the price of this share is ₹ 810, then you will get 5x discount in intraday trading, then you will get a share of ₹ 164.

After that the share you buy will go to your dashboard. And in your dashboard it will show the profit you make and the amount of loss it will also sleep.

Sell ​​and stop loss process (how to exit intraday position in groww app)

Now if you have bought the shares, you will feel that we have made good profit. So at that time you can sell to him or her. And if we talk about stop-loss.

So stop loss means that the price at which you have bought the stock starts falling instead of rising. In this situation if you keep stoploss then you will have less loss. So we will learn to set stoploss also.

How do I add stop loss in Groww?

To put a stop loss, first you have to click on the share in which you want to put stop loss. After that click on exit option will come in front of you, you also have to click on exit. After that, the same interface as it was while buying the interface will now open in front of you.

Then you will find the advanced option written at the bottom, you have to click on it. After clicking on it, you have to look at the bottom where SL order will be written. You have to continue by clicking on it.

After that an interface will come in front of you where you will get sl trigger price price written. As far as you have the capacity to bear the loss, you can put the prize in that box. Like now the share price is 810 and but you want that as soon as the share price is 805.

Then my share should be sold automatically and I can avoid big loss. So this process is called stop loss. So in this way you can put stoploss in any share bought by intraday trading.

Selling process

What share you have bought in intraday stock and you want to sell it and what are you thinking that automatic sale will happen. For example, if my target is achieved, then for that you have to click on that share. After that, you have to unite, then the same interface will come in front of you while buying.

You will find Price Market written at the bottom, then there you have to click on Market. As soon as you click on the market, you will be limited. After the limit is reached, you can put the amount in the box there, at which you can put the amount you want to sell the share.

Like now the share price is ₹ 810 and you want the share to be sold automatically as soon as the share price is ₹ 815. So for this you have to do this process.


Groww aap is one such app which is great for intraday trading. Intraday trading groww charges are taken less in this app than in all apps. Apart from this, monthly maintenance charges are taken on other apps which is not charged by this app.

If you want to know intraday trading groww charges then you can use groww brokerage calculator. With the groww brokerage calculator, you will know what intraday trading you have done. In that how much intraday trading grow charges will be charged from you.

Many people also want to know that when intraday profit credited in groww. So whatever profit you have made during your .

It is credited to your account after 12:00 pm. And the loss that occurs is deducted during the trading itself. In this way we can say that groww app is a very good app or website for intraday trading.

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