Is it safe to invest through apps like Groww? | groww review 2022

Today we are going to know everything in detail about groww app. Because if you have interest in share market and you want to invest. So for this you should be aware of investment platform like groww app.Because before investing, the platform through which you are investing. You should be well aware of that platform.Through this app you can invest in share market very easily. Because the interface of this app is such that you can easily understand after seeing it. And it is also a safe medium to invest in the stock market.Not only Groww aap, all investing apps are safe. Because the shares you bought are not with any app.So there is no question of any risk, all these shares are with cdsl or nsdl. Shares bought or sold through groww app are managed by cdls. Cdls means or full of cdls is Central Depository Services (India) Limited.

What is groww app

Groww is a platform to invest in the stock market, through which we invest, it works as a mediator.This app was started in 2016 whose headquarter is located in Bangalore.This is a well known and developed app. The one you can trust with your eyes closed.If you think that Is groww app safe or not. So stop thinking because you are thinking very wrong. Even if we assume that the name of the groww app ends suddenly, then what will happen, nothing will happen. Because the shares you have bought are stored with cdls.Nothing happens with the Groww app and this is where if you invest in mutual funds. So that money is with that company.This app is only a medium through which we can invest in share market. Nothing happens to any investment platform app, it just acts as a middleman.

Groww app sign up process and some features

The Groww app sign up process is very simple but may take some time. First you have to sign up by entering your email address and number.After that you have to submit your Aadhar card and PAN card details. And some simple personal details are asked from which you have to submit. Then after 24 to 48 hours your demat account gets opened.Then you receive a tpin on the email id. Which you use to verify your purchased shares or to verify when you sell the shares. So do not share this tpin with anyone.


If we talk about this app feature, then the user interface of this app is very good. It is a user friendly app and its interface is very simple. Where you can easily understand everything.The home page of this app where you can find top gainer and top loser, besides a search box and much more. In this search box, you can search the name of any company and buy its shares.You will get to see the shares you buy in your dashboard like this. Where you will see how much you have invested. And now how much is that amount and what is the return you are getting.
Whichever company has bought its shares, how much profit is it in? You will get to see everything in your dashboard in how much loss is there.

How can I buy and sell shares through Groww App?

Buy processFirst of all, you will search the company of which you want to share in the search box. Like I have taken the example of Tata Motors here. After that such an interface will open in front of you.
Is it safe to invest through apps like Groww? | groww review 2022
Here at the bottom you will see the option of buy on which you will have to click. After that this kind of interface will open in front of you.
Is it safe to invest through apps like Groww? | groww review 2022
Here you have to enter the quantity you want of that share. After that you have to select the market price in Price. Because the market price is a good option to buy a share.After that you have to click on the left, then your order will be completed. And as soon as the market is open your order will be completed and will be placed in your dashboard. And if you buy the share at the time of market open, then immediately buy will go to your dashboard.

Sell ​​process

If you want to sell your purchased shares. So the process of sealing any share is very simple. First you have to go to your dashboard and click on the share you want to sell.After that if you want to sell at market price then you have to select market price. Select the quantity you want to sell. After that you have to verify with tpin and your order will be placed for sale. And it will be sold in no time and your amount will be credited to you wallet.


The biggest advantage of using this app is that if you do not know anything about the stock market. Even then, after taking a little information, you can invest using this app because this app is hundred percent user friendly. And are completely safe too. Through this investing app, you can easily buy and sell shares.Groww app can also generate very good income from refer and earn. If someone opens his demat account from the link sent by you. So ₹ 100 is credited in your wallet immediately which is the biggest advantage of using Groww app.

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